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On February 12, 1990, the Foundation officially opened its doors.

Two years earlier, Quebecers mourned the tragic death of a cheerful and happy child, a child who is impossible to forget: Charles Bruneau.

Inspired by the great dream of healing Charles, twenty-five years later the Foundation has:

  • 50 million invested
  • A Centre and three Charles-Bruneau pediatric oncology units built and on the way
  • The support of more than a hundred public figures
  • Annually: 6 major events and nearly 40 activities organized by third parties for the Foundation – almost one event per week for the cause

The Fondation Charles-Bruneau is above all a story about a family.

It’s a story about the Bruneau family, which mobilized to carry on little Charles’s dream.

This family spirit can be seen in the eyes of the spokespeople, in the participants’ energy, in the children’s hugs, in the dedication of the board of directors and organizing committees, and in the abundant generosity of donors and partners.

In thirty years, the cure rates for childhood cancer have increased from 30 to 80%. However, cancer is still the leading cause of death by disease among children, and more than two thirds of children cured live with the after-effects of cancer or its treatment.

Proud to have established specialized infrastructures that are better adapted to the needs of families, the Fondation now intends to maximize its investment in research development. The research as two objectives: cure 20% of children having treatment-resistant cancer and improve the quality of life of children in remission so they can achieve true healing without complications or after-effects.

This involves improving quality of life through less toxic treatments. It also involves support for patients in terms of the psychological, social and spiritual challenges of the disease, treatments and their after-effects.