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Unité d'oncologie pédiatrique Charles-Bruneau at CHU de Québec

In November 2012, the Fondation Charles-Bruneau announced a major donation of $5 million to the Centre mère-enfant at the CHU de Québec for purposes of redeveloping its pediatric oncology unit.

This large-scale project will make it possible to consolidate care and services in pediatric oncology and purchase specialized equipment for the pediatric clientele in the Greater Québec region and in Eastern Quebec.

With this redevelopment, there will be more beds in private rooms for children and their families (12 instead of 9), the number of places in close treatment cubicles will quadruple (from 2 to 8), and two negative pressure isolation rooms will be added. Research teams will also be located in close proximity to clinical activities, thereby facilitating exchanges and information-sharing.

The all-new Unité d’oncologie pédiatrique Charles-Bruneau will span an area of 1,490 m2. The unit will be located on the ground floor of the Centre mère-enfant. Construction is slated to begin in 2013 and should span a period of 26 months.

Overall cost estimates for the project are in the order of close to $10 million. With the donation of $5 million from the Fondation Charles-Bruneau, the CHU de Québec and the hospital foundation are taking steps to complete the financing package.


Pediatric cancer in and around the City of Québec...

  • Every year, 70 to 75 new cases are diagnosed at the CHU de Québec.
  • Almost 40% of children treated for cancer come from the Greater Québec region.
  • Almost 3 out of every 4 children are treated for solid tumors as the rest are treated for leukemia

Care delivered in pediatric oncology at the CHU de Québec in a year...

  • 3,889 visits to the pediatric chemotherapy unit
  • More than 2,100 rounds of chemotherapy are administered in ambulatory care
  • More than 800 children are treated for cancer

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